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Welcome to the Keyhubs Blog

February 19, 2010

Vikas Narula

Hello and Welcome to the Keyhubs Blog.

Keyhubs is about uncovering the ‘hidden org chart’. We combine consulting services with our unique, online tool for mapping informal (human) networks in the workplace.  We uncover hidden talent, expose key influencers and identify high-performing teams to help organizations realize their full potential.

Our goal is to make social network analysis (SNA) or organizational network analysis (ONA) accessible and affordable to businesses and consultants alike.

Join us in making Keyhubs mapping a mainstream business practice.


  1. Dan Burke |
    13 Years Ago


    I really enjoyed learning more about Keybubs on our call yesterday.

    Intuitively it all makes perfect sense. Relationships are subtle and dynamic and many people in business easily lose sight of the people who are the key hubs and key bridges and key talent to develop and hold on to.

    I look forward to exploring this further with some of my consulting associates.

    Will stay in touch,


  2. Vikas Narula |
    13 Years Ago


    It was great catching up — looking forward to working with you.


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