Software and Services

Keyhubs® gives leaders a new and illuminating perspective of their own organization.

Beyond the traditional top-down hierarchy, Keyhubs uncovers the tapestry of workplace relationships that largely dictate how work gets done. 

Combining real-time, dynamic feedback methodologies with state-of-the-art mapping and patented software, Keyhubs provides insight around internal talent and team dynamics that surprise, enlighten, and transform.

Keyhubs has developed a unique and innovative suite of software and services that

  • Map human networks and uncover key influencers
  • Provide timely and continuous 360 feedback
  • Illuminate and transform perceptions and behaviors

Leaders, consultants, organizations, and corporations routinely use Keyhubs to creatively and more effectively

  • Conduct talent development and succession planning efforts
  • Understand team dynamics to break down silos and foster collaboration
  • Reorganize, merge, change, transform, or integrate into newer and better ways of being and doing

Keyhubs software and services can be deployed in the following ways:

  1. As a real-time, facilitated experience in a keynote, workshop, or team-building scenario
  2. As an asynchronous assessment across an entire team, division, or enterprise
  3. As a software platform for on-going, continuous (360) feedback and insights

Our elegant, dynamic, patent-pending software for real-time awareness of self and others provides in-the-moment, crowd-sourced insights, which help leaders and organizations become more agile, effective, and responsive to the needs of their people and teams.

What used to take days, weeks, or months to do, can now be done in seconds or minutes.

Thank you, Keyhubs, for letting us experience your amazing new tool with our Brave Tuesday's learners! This is a great tool for facilitators and coaches to both help increase the awareness of self and others in the room, as well as metric any shifts in the competencies you are driving.

Elena Imaretska, Chief Innovation Officer at Brave New Workshop

Our company, like many, have gone through significant changes over the past year. Choosing to work with Keyhubs to understand how these changes have impacted our employees and our collective culture has been invaluable.

Chris Baughman, CEO at The Village Company

Use Keyhubs to…

Provide dynamic, real-time awareness of self and others for enhanced leadership and team performance:

Keyhubs Matrix does not disappoint! The user experience is elegant and straightforward. The magic happens in a group setting – a dynamic and fully synchronized display of where the team is at and where it wants to be. As a feedback and awareness tool, Keyhubs Matrix represents an impressive and invaluable addition to the Keyhubs family!

Jack Soll, Professor of Management and Operations, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Uncover hidden influencers to drive strategic growth and change with greater ease and success:

I used Keyhubs in the classroom to give my MBA students a real sense of what social networks are about, to go beyond the 'flat' descriptions that textbooks and articles can provide. I expected it to go well, but I was blown away by their deep engagement and positive reactions. Seeing their own classroom come alive through Keyhubs, and seeing their own place in the network, helped them internalize the importance of social networks in a way that dry discussions never do.

Gerardo Okhuysen, Professor of Organization and Management, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

Leverage informal network dynamics to drive collaboration, cohesion, and alignment:

The use of Keyhubs technology in our 2021 virtual event made us follow the evolution of our networks and influence. It brought out the best in us and it was really fun, insightful, and people appreciated it very much.

Isabelle Therrien, Organizer at Spark The Change Montreal

Measure what you want to manage:

Keyhubs is giving me rich, rich feedback based on questions I have asked of my team. I am getting feedback that I never would have known about or heard otherwise.

Director at County Department of Health and Human Services

We dispel misperceptions, reinforce strengths, uncover hidden networks, reveal key influencers, and identify high-performing teams to help organizations realize their full potential.


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Case Studies

Real-Time Metrics for DEI, Learning and Development

Demonstrate the impact of your learning and development initiatives with the use of real-time polarity measurement.

Measuring Psychological Safety Within Teams

Measure psychological safety and trust within teams through dynamic engagement and facilitation.

There are great organizational benefits, but the personal benefits have been extraordinary.

Thrivent Financial