Our Partners

Keyhubs partners with coaches, consultants, learning & development professionals, and other HR / management experts to bring Keyhubs insights to more leaders, team members, and audiences.

Join our growing community of certified partners and practitioners!

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Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese
Co-Founders of Studio/E
"Keyhubs has helped our firm and hundreds of our participants unlock the great value of networks by revealing blind spots and possibility."
Rebecca Slaby
Executive Director at AMAZE
"We have partnered with Keyhubs to help teachers understand the social relationships in classrooms from the perspective of students. With this information, teachers and school staff can provide additional support and interventions to create equity and belonging for all students."
Annette Villamil
Executive Coach
"Keyhubs has created some amazing tools that are so helpful to leaders, in engaging with their teams, measuring real-time engagement, and helping leaders identify hidden talent in their organization."
Howie Milstein
Coach, Consultant, and Author
"Keyhubs has an enormously powerful tool on their hands, and I'm privileged to be certified."
Judith Mumford
Learning Delivery at Humentum
Francois Lavallee
Organizational Biologist
"Keyhubs tools and technologies directly touch the audience in an astounding way."
Teresa Thomas
Presenter, Facilitator, and Author
"Keyhubs is a win/win connection, resource, and tool that I highly recommend!"
Kelly McGrath
Coach and Advisor
"Keyhubs provides insights where traditional methods fall short."