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Looking for new ways to engage your clients, teams, or audiences and generate additional value, insights, and / or revenue in the process?

Our cutting-edge, patented program allows you to tap into existing and new customer networks by offering something they have never seen before – a tool that allows you to provide your customer, in real-time, a combination of self-assessment, 360 feedback, and network mapping.

In minutes, you can deliver what many programs output in weeks.

Address burning topics such as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Retention

Our program allows you to become more valuable to your customers by helping them be more productive and profitable.

Keyhubs partners with coaches, consultants, learning & development professionals, and other HR / management experts to bring Keyhubs insights to more leaders, team members, and audiences.

Join our growing community of certified partners and practitioners!

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Jamie Shapiro
CEO, Executive Leadership + Wellbeing Coach
"Keyhubs is a cutting edge methodology and solution to gain organizational insights to transform cultures and elevate performance. This tool provides leaders with important data to more deeply understand the organization and how to positively shape it."
Dawn Mullarney
Founder of Unique Connector
"My true passion lies in cultivating profound relationships and fostering authentic connections. Armed with Keyhubs, I am committed to helping businesses recognize and harness the power of key influencers, a journey I intimately understand from my own experiences."
Jack Soll
Professor of Management and Organizations, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
"As a longtime user of Keyhubs in the classroom, I’ve continually been impressed by the combination of simplicity and profound insight the Keyhubs tools offer."
Rebecca Slaby
Executive Director at AMAZE
"We have partnered with Keyhubs to help teachers understand the social relationships in classrooms from the perspective of students. With this information, teachers and school staff can provide additional support and interventions to create equity and belonging for all students."
Liz Otteson
Founder, Community Catalyst at co:lab
"Keyhubs data analysis focuses on people and their relationship to a given topic, context, or community. With user-friendly design and immediate results, Keyhubs simultaneously cultivates a sense of group belonging and individual voice. It creates an instant snapshot of an organization’s story that can lead to new insights for professional development and community building."
Lani Basa
Owner and Co-Founder of The Business Women's Circle (BWC)
"I use Keyhubs with my members as well as my consulting clients. It is such a wonderful, versatile tool in that I can use it to guide a conversation amongst my members, give feedback to participants from their peers, assess current and desired states, get immediate feedback and this is just the beginning. Can't wait to see how it helps my community grow!"
Ken Beller
CEO, Near Bridge, Inc.
“Keyhubs is the ultimate tool for any organization seeking to understand their teams. It is an innovative platform that empowers organizations to unlock the potential of their hidden networks. By identifying vital influencers, connectors, and knowledge holders, organizations gain crucial insights into their team dynamics and performance. Moreover, Keyhubs' mapping capabilities help break down organizational silos, encourage cross-functional collaboration, and enhance communication.”
Vonda Vaden Bates
CEO at 10th Dot
"10th Dot is excited to deploy Keyhubs' unique surveying methodology to make the invisible visible with our clients. Polarity navigation is crucial to understanding when to monitor more closely, when and where to intervene in systems, and when to applaud and support team endeavors. This software helps us be more precise in our work while prioritizing relationships and building cohesion."
Elena Imaretska
Director of DEI at Ecolab
“Keyhubs is a valuable tool to uncover insights instantly and create clarity among team members. It is also a helpful way to measure progress and whether your intervention moved the needle on your desired outcomes, especially around learning.”
Eric Zakovich
Founder and Principal at Long Run Leadership Consulting
"Keyhubs helps our clients realize the impact they have through their leadership. When those light bulbs go off in a participant's mind, we're able to create breakthroughs in personal, professional, and organizational growth."
Jenni Bratulich
AMAZEworks Director of Development & Partnerships
"Keyhubs is such a helpful tool as it gives us the ability to get in-the-moment feedback about an individual or team's lived experience within an organization and/or workplace. We often like to assume that our teams experience belonging, even when that is not the case. The real-time data from Keyhubs can often motivate and inspire leadership teams and staff to meaningfully attend to creating a culture of belonging and equity for all individuals without assuming it already exists."
Krista Porvaznik
Founder and Executive Coach at Ceiba Coaching and Consulting
"At Ceiba Coaching and Consulting, I work with senior leaders and teams driving big changes and transformation. Keyhubs has been a very powerful tool to give leaders and teams real-time insights into aspects of their leadership and their role in the transformation. By making the invisible visible, it allows teams to see things in a new way and unpack a wide range of perspectives. I find more and more ways to bring the Keyhubs experience to my clients. It adds an engaging way to shine the light on where the team is at. The team at Keyhubs is a joy to work with and I'm happy to be part of their growing community!"
Lori Crever
Author, Speaker, Performer-Comedy Improvisor
"Coming from a corporate background, I am well acquainted with the phenomenon of influence and integrity going unnoticed and how organizations suffer from these blind spots. I proudly feature the Keyhubs' story in my book, Protégé Power: A Roadmap to Mentorship, and I use that and other forums to publicize this revelatory and important work".
Chuck Price and Brooke Sena
Blue Collar Consulting
"We are proud to be a partner of Keyhubs. We have had the experience of using the full spectrum of Keyhubs platforms – perfect tools to help create ‘safe and connected’ work environments. I firmly believe you need trust, relationships, and connections for transformation to occur and Keyhubs' tools can help leaders get there.”
Ross Anderson
Founder & Principal at Bright Global Futures
"Keyhubs is a very interactive way to keep a pulse on the needs, network, and perception dynamics of a team and organization. With clear visibility, you can make a positive impact on your people and your profits."
Paul Scheele
Paul R. Scheele, PhD, CEO, Scheele Learning Systems
“My participants love Keyhubs – the ease of use and the reveal of their responses as clear visual group data. The immediacy of relevant connected information brings my online groups closer together in a positive and impactful way.”
Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese
Co-Founders of Studio/E
"Keyhubs has helped our firm and hundreds of our participants unlock the great value of networks by revealing blind spots and possibility."
Clara Radloff
Social Entrepreneur
"I became involved with Keyhubs because of the human-centered approach and the revealing power this software has to begin so many important conversations that can bring about positive change. As I learned more, I fell in love with the Keyhubs community and the kind and genuine individuals that are a part of it."
Annette Villamil
Executive Coach
"Keyhubs has created some amazing tools that are so helpful to leaders, in engaging with their teams, measuring real-time engagement, and helping leaders identify hidden talent in their organization."
Teresa Thomas
Presenter, Facilitator, and Author
"Keyhubs is a win/win connection, resource, and tool that I highly recommend!"
Francois Lavallee
Organizational Biologist
"Keyhubs tools and technologies directly touch the audience in an astounding way."
Howie Milstein
Coach, Consultant, and Author
"Keyhubs has an enormously powerful tool on their hands, and I'm privileged to be certified."
Kelly McGrath
Coach and Advisor
"Keyhubs provides insights where traditional methods fall short."