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Google Thanks Keyhubs

January 10, 2011

Vikas Narula

How’s that for a catchy blog title?  Well, it’s true.  Google has thanked Keyhubs.  And, like millions of other businesses, if you advertise on Google you have likely been thanked by them as well.  So, what’s the big deal?

What’s remarkable is not that Google has thanked us, but, as you will see in this video, the way in which they have thanked us is, literally, out of this world.

We have all seen junk mail letters come in the guise of a personal note just for you:  “John Smith, you have been selected to win 1 million dollars!”.  The art of customizing spammed messages has been around for a while, but Google, I believe, has taken it to a whole new level. Big waste of their own money?  Perhaps, but I, quite frankly, was taken by their fresh creativity and humorous audacity.  It reinforces to me that Google is much more than a search engine firm making money off cheap ads or smart-phone operating systems.  No, this display of ingenuity reminds me that Google is a global force for playfulness and innovation that has, and will continue to, change the course of history.  If it elicits similar feelings for you, then those are marketing dollars well spent!

Cool video aside, Google is celebrating 10 years of AdWords and we are celebrating a year of strong growth and expansion.  If you are reading this article, there is a good chance you have helped us in some way or another.  Maybe you told a friend about our service or twittered our praises on Facebook.  Perhaps you partnered with us on a client engagement or took a chance on becoming a first-time customer.

While we do not have millions (yet!) to spend on fancy gratitude ensembles, we still want to take this moment to give you a heartfelt thanks for supporting our efforts.  Without you, we’d be nowhere.

Best Wishes for 2011 and beyond!

– The Entire Keyhubs Team


  1. Jay D. Miller |
    13 Years Ago

    Thanks, Vikas, for the very nice note! Good luck to you in 2011!!

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